Top 7 Plants for Mother's Day

Top 7 Plants for Mother's Day

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Top 7 Plants for Mother's Day

Written by Samantha Agostino

Mother's Day is a day to show gratitude and thanks to the mother figures in our lives who consistently remind us of how we are loved and cared for. 

What better way to show a small token of appreciation than a plant?! Instead of your typical bouquet of flowers, why not give the lasting gift of a plant - something she can cherish for years to come! 

Check out the list of plants below that make a great gift for Mother's Day! 


Roses are the no-brainer when it comes to special occasion flowers as they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Typically roses, are gifted in a bouquet, but also make for a great plant to add to a garden! 

If you want to think a little outside of the box with your mother's day bouquet, try gifting her some rose seeds! She can learn all about how to grow and care for them here!


Pothos plants are a great pick for any gift as they are easy to take care of and come in a wide variety of colors and variegations

The Golden Pothos is a popular species of Pothos plant known for its bright green leaves and vining pattern. Learn how to care for the Golden Pothos here. 


If your mom doesn't have a green thumb, try a succulent! Succulents are extremely low maintenance and extraordinarily resilient. They require little watering and some can even survive in low light conditions. 

The Jade Plant is a great pick as it not only is easy to care for, but also is believed to bring good fortune! Thank your mom this Mother's Day with the gift of luck! Learn how to care for the Jade Plant here


If your mom is a bit impatient, try a Fittonia! Fittonias a fast growing and GORGEOUS. They come in a multitude of colors, from green, to pink, to red, so there's sure to be a match for your mom!

Within the first few months of care, your Fittonia will nearly double in size! So if you're looking for something to showcase the fruits of her labor, your mom will love this plant! Learn how to care for a Fittonia here! 


Lavender is a great plant to gift for Mother's Day not only for its beautiful color and fragrant flowers, but also because it has tons of health benefits and is great for the skin

Lavender is easy to care for and extremely rewarding. Learn how to care for Lavender here


The Peace Lily is a popular springtime plant, and makes for a great Mother's Day gift! 

These plants are easy to care for and have a pretty white flower among the bright green leaves, that are sure to put a smile on your mom's face. 

Learn how to care for the Peace Lily here. 


If your mom has a tropical personality, the Bird of Paradise is for her! These plants are on the larger side, so make sure there's enough room to house them. 

Given the proper care and attention, these plants are worth the effort! Learn how to care for the Bird of Paradise here

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