Snake Plant Benefits

Snake Plant Benefits - All You Need to Know

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Snake Plant Benefits - All You Need to Know

Written by Samantha Agostino

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The snake plant, otherwise known as the Sansevieria Trifasciata or ‘Mother-in-Laws Tongue’, comes from the lily family. If you are looking for an indoor plant that goes well with your living space, you can very well grow a Sansevieria Trifasciata. This plant is considered a classic plant because it is the most tolerant and decorative plant among all indoor plants. Now, if you are planning to get one, you need to check out its types and benefits. Let me give you all the basic information you need to get started with snake plants.

What Is a Snake Plant?

What is snake plant

The snake plant, or the Sansevieria Trifasciata, is known for being one of the best plants at filtering out formaldehyde, which is used in almost every cleaning product. One of the best things about this plant is that it does not require much care, unlike other plants. The snake plant can thrive even in low light. This plant is unique because of its sword foliage design and considered a top air purifying plant and works best indoors. 

Types of Snake Plants

There are nearly 70 species and 23 varieties of snake plants. They evolved from the asparagus family, also called Asparagaceae. These houseplants are excellent for indoor decoration. One of the main reasons why it is unique is its color and look. Some snake plants are long, sword-shaped flat leaves and are dark green with a golden yellow lining. The flowers of this plant are cream in color, resembling lilies. These leaves grow in an upward direction and can reach up to 3 feet.

While some of them are cylindrical round leaves with pointed ends, the cylindrical variety is called Sansevieria Cylindrica. Some Sansevieria Trifasciata varieties are also called “Black Gold,” and these varieties of plants are used as air-filtering house plants.

5 Amazing Snake Plant Benefits

Sansevieria provides a lot of benefits to the environment. The advantage of growing a snake plant is that it can grow in any condition and is naturally very tolerant. This plant can survive even in low light and with less water. You do not have to worry about giving so much attention to the plant. To add, the snake plant provides a lot of health benefits. Let me list out certain snake plant benefits for you.

1. Alleviates Minor Malady

Plant experts state that snake plants help reduce inflammation, heal burns and skin wounds, and strengthen the immune system. They also help maintain standard blood pressure. 

2. Absorbs Negative Energy

According to Chinese culture, it is believed that snake plants have great capability in absorbing negative energy, and eliminating hatred and jealousy. This is one of the main reasons why snake plants are kept indoors. You can try it for yourself by placing a snake plant in your room. 

3. Eliminates Toxic Pollutants

Snake plants are known for removing toxic air pollutants. It also can absorb cancer-causing pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, and quite a few more. 

4. Promotes Mental Health

Snake plants play a positive role in improving mental health. Horticulture therapy is used for treating mental health issues. Growing indoor plants is highly encouraged at schools, workplaces, and even hospitals as it is a great way to develop a healthy environment. 

5. Lessens the Impact of Allergies

Snake plants add moisture to the air and help lessen the impact of dust and other allergies. If you have breathing problems, growing a snake plant will definitely help immensely. 


How to Care For Snake Plants

How to Care For Snake Plants

Jan 12, 2022 Shopify API

Snake Plant Varieties to Grow Indoors

Indoor snake plants

Sansevieria ‘Golden Hahnii’

Sansevieria ‘Golden Hahnii’

The Golden Hahnii snake plant variety has dark green foliage with cream margins and grows up to 10 inches high. This plant does not require much sunlight, and therefore, a great spot to keep this plant could be on a reading table.

Sansevieria Cylindrica 

Sansevieria Cylindrica

Sansevieria Cylindrica gives a classy look to the room. It is also considered a lucky plant for the ambiance it creates in the room. This snake plant variety can grow from 20 to 24 inches tall. You need to consistently water this plant variety for ideal growth. The best spot for this plant is close to the window. This is because it naturally occurs in hot and dry areas.

Sansevieria Desert

Sansevieria Desert

The Sansevieria Desert, also known as the Rhino Grass, fits perfectly in a staircase. The leaves of this plant have a tint of red on their end. This snake plant variety is native to the Kalahari Desert in Africa.

Sansevieria Moonshine

Sansevieria Moonshine

Sansevieria Moonshine is considered one of the best snake plant varieties. This variety is called the ‘air purifier’. The silverish-green color of the plant gives an elegant look. In low-light settings, the leaves will turn darker green but the silvery sheen will be retained. You can keep this plant at any spot with a white background.

Sansevieria: Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Sansevieria: Mother-in-law’s Tongue

This snake plant variety is most commonly known and grown in households. This snake plant variety has long sword-shaped flat leaves and is dark green with a golden yellow lining. The flowers of this plant are cream in color, resembling lilies. These leaves grow with an upward trajectory and can reach up to 3 feet.

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3 Best Snake Plant Care Tips

One of the main reasons snake plants are grown everywhere is because they are easy to care for and require low attention. They also can survive in dry environments. But, if you are planning to keep a snake plant, there are certain things that you must consider:

Water the Plant

All types of Sansevieria plants require well-drained soil to grow healthily. So it is important to water any sappy plant when the soil is dry. Most importantly, never forget to drain the water out at the bottom of the container. Do not overwater this plant as it gets weak. Make sure to place the plant in a dry pot and water the soil when it's completely dry. 

Choose the Right Spot

You need to keep the snake plant away from direct sunlight. This plant grows best only in low light or indirect sunlight. However, do not place it in a completely dull room as it may grow weak. A little light can help the leaves of the plant to bring out nice colors. 

The Best Temperature for Growth

A snake plant will rot when kept at a cold temperature. The best temperature for a snake plant to grow is between 18°C – 27°C / 65°F – 80°F. If the soil of the snake plant is dry, then it may survive temperatures as low as 5°C / 41°F.

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Bottom Line

There are many reasons why you should keep a snake plant. Apart from providing health benefits, this plant gives a pleasant vibe to the place and spreads positivity. It filters air and also requires low maintenance. So, it is an ideal indoor plant for any nature enthusiast.

An interesting fact about the snake plant is that the average lifespan of a snake plant is 10 years. However, it can live up to 25 years or more if cared for properly. To figure out what exact requirement your plant has, you can use Flora Pod Sensor. This plant-based technology will help you in raising happy, healthy plant babies. The Flora App has features like watering reminders, placement suggestions, moisture and humidity tips, lighting recommendations, and so much more.

If you feel we have missed any other good snake plant variety, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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