Vertical Garden Ideas

Best Vertical Garden Ideas for 2022

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Best Vertical Garden Ideas for 2022

Written by Samantha Agostino

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A vertical garden is as simple or as complex as the gardener imagines. The beauty of vertical gardening is that you can use any type of container in any shape or size.

By selecting the appropriate type of vertical garden for the space, you can meet the needs of your environment. Vertical gardens are increasingly popular for large installations such as public spaces, apartment buildings, and commercial properties. Green walls, green façades, and freestanding vertical garden systems are popular types of vertical gardens.

This article looks at different vertical garden ideas and offers a vertical garden buying guide.

Tips for Buying a Vertical Garden


The first factor to think about before purchasing a vertical garden is the material used in its construction. Plastic, madera, and maple are the three main materials for their construction. Plastic ones are durable, lightweight, and waterproof. Plastic-made items may have a longer lifespan depending on their quality.
Another suitable material is galvanized maple, which is heavier than plastic and less resistant to UV rays, so it has a shorter lifespan. The final material available is Madera, which can last a lifetime if it receives treatment at least once a year.


The product's size, material, and budget determine the cost. You may, however, select a wide variety of products and choose between them to ensure you pick the best ones. Also, while it may seem expensive or indulgent, investing in plants can help improve your quality of life and your home. 


With so many options available, you should consider some factors before purchasing a vertical garden. The first thing to consider is the brand's product quality, and the simplest way to determine this is through feedback. You must confirm the quality of their customer service as well by reading reviews and testimonials.


While function is your primary consideration when purchasing a vertical garden, you should also consider how it will look in your home or garden. These vertical gardens come in a variety of colors, shapes, materials, and sizes, so choose one that complements your surroundings and aesthetic.


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Top 5 Vertical Garden Ideas for 2022

Zen Garden

1. Making Use of Clean-Lined Interior with Texture 

Adding tactile wallpaper or hanging a woven textile, giving an attractive look to your wall is a great addition when wondering how to design a small garden. A tall living wall commands the floor, much like a statement piece of art. However, going overboard with layers upon layers of texture created by a variety of needy plants is unnecessary, as a simple scheme of hearty plants will suffice. 

2. Using Prefabricated Kits to Make Living Walls Attractive

While vertical foliage is one of the best container gardening techniques, creating one was a time-consuming process that required an abundance of materials and a sophisticated irrigation system.

Fortunately, kits and premade systems are now widely available to help novice gardeners get started, and the industry of expert gardeners who specialize in building vertical gardens is on the rise.

3. Designing Your Vertical Garden on Levels

You can get an interior vertical garden designed similarly to a bookshelf and decorate it as you wish. You can place nice planters on each shelf and to give a dreamy look place some fairy lights on it. 

4. Watering Vertical Wall Planters Making Use of Worth Garden Planters

The Worth Garden Planter is the ideal tool kit for making the most of your small garden space. You will receive some units, each with three pockets, and some bags to grow your plant of choice. You can mix and match them however you want, and it is compatible with all standard American tap water sources thanks to its auto-dripping system.

With the Worth Garden modular wall planter kit, you can make the most of your small garden space and combine them however you want to create a vertical garden that is appropriate for your space. You'll find it easier to keep your plants hydrated without over-watering with the automatic dripping system. This system is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

5. Considering a Green Facades Vertical Garden

Green façades vary from green walls, in that they are climbing or grappling plants that grow upward or across a support system such as a trellis. You can grow plants hydroponically or in a growing medium in green forage. Twiners like honeysuckle, tendrils like clematis, and scrambling plants like winter jasmine are examples of green foliage plants.

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The Advantages of Having a Vertical Garden 

Vertical Garden

Better Health and Air Quality

Plants improve indoor and outdoor air quality by removing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and absorbing pollutants.

Lowers the cost of energy

An Exterior vertical garden can help lower the temperature of the wall surface by up to fifty degrees Fahrenheit (50°F). As a result, there is significant energy conservation and cost savings from air conditioning.

Noise Levels are Reduced

The presence of a vertical garden in a building helps to reduce noise levels as the vertical garden serves as a sound barrier.

Stress Reduction

There is an undeniable bond between humans and nature, and studies have shown (cite a source) that spending time outside, surrounded by nature, improves a person's mental health, and so do interior planters.

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There are several different ideas you can incorporate while designing your dream vertical garden. Although it can seem daunting for someone just starting out, at the end of the day it all comes down to your desired garden aesthetic and the look you want to achieve. If you’re working with a limited budget, it depends on your ingenuity.

Vertical gardens have several benefits and can definitely be a great addition to your home. Did you find any of the ideas mentioned interesting? Feel free to let us know!

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